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A Better Way to Vent Siding

Moisture-related problems are appearing more and more frequently in both commercial and residential buildings. It is now being strongly recommended that all exterior claddings be vented off the building to create a better opportunity for drainage and drying to occur.

The usual technique is to install treated plywood battens (as shown above) to create an air space between the cladding and the sheathing. Because these battens are made of treated plywood, they must be installed with stainless fasteners, and they also require installers to handle a chemically-treated product.

Eldorado Battens has an innovative alternative with some significant benefits:

Manufactured from a high quality plastic, they are installed in the same way as wooden battens without the problems associated with the treated product.

The fluted design allows air to circulate behind the cladding both vertically and horizontally. This air movement helps sheathing and cladding dry more quickly.

Because the battens are made of plastic, they won’t absorb moisture or rot. They also do not require special fasteners. Just use staples or galvanized nails.

Check out Eldorado Battens. They are addressing a critical construction detail with a lower cost, better performing product.

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