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Mark LaLiberte is recognized as one of today’s leading experts in building science. Using a “whole house systems approach,” he provides builders, architects, manufacturers and consumers with the tools they need to build healthier, more energy efficient, more durable and more affordable homes. His areas of expertise include:

Residential and light commercial construction
Energy efficient construction practices and systems approach building
Sizing and installation of ventilation systems
Moisture and vapor flow control methods
Insulation systems
Optimizing mechanical systems and integrating system variations
Site verification of building performance
Marketing the performance-built home

Mark serves as a consultant to many of the country’s most progressive home builders, architects and building industry manufacturers. If you would like to speak with Mark about helping your business or organization build a strong reputation for more comfortable, energy efficient and affordable homes, please email:

Sample Seminar Topics

A combination of classroom education and in-field assistance has proven to be a powerful approach to adopting permanent improvements in business practices.

1-Hour: Marketing the Better Built Home
Discover ways of differentiating your company from your competition and what really drives the market.

2-Hour: Building Homes that Work with the Environment
Learn how to integrate environmental considerations into the design and construction of your homes.

2-Hour: Moisture and Rain Management
Learn why rain and moisture must be effectively managed.

2-Hour: High Performance Homes: Do’s, Don’ts and Why’s
Identify common construction details that can lead to moisture problems, air quality concerns and excessive energy consumption. Learn correct techniques that will help avoid customer service problems.

3-Hour: Understanding Green Building for Residential Construction
Nationwide, new residential construction programs are promoting the advantages of environmentally responsible homes. Learn how to take advantage of this evolving market by offering the quality and features today’s home buyers are looking for.

7-Hour: Comprehensive Building Science Training

2-Day Discovery Session that Includes Comprehensive Building Science Training

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